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Juan Castellano methodology

You will never have a second chance to make a first good impression.

Any health professional should have knowledge in the environment of the exercise and its indications to improve physical condition, help prevent and treat certain pathologies and chronic diseases.

However to be able to mark your objectives it is important to apply an objective method that adapts to your field of action, the environment in which you work and that is viable.

Juan Castellano's method stands out for the following aspects:

• Uses a simple and fast clinical approach
• It focuses first on making understand the most relevant aspects for the health of each individual that are the causes of dysfunctions and / or pathologies.
• It uses a close and adapted communication to each person without many technicalities and always in a positive concept.
• Resolves what the patient understands as a problem, converting it into an opportunity to improve health.
• The program offered is clear and structured, accessible with possible goals and objectives.
• Offers immediate results.

Stability re-training targets both the local and global stability systems. Activation of the local stability system to increase muscle stiffness along with functional low-load integration in the neutral joint position controls segmental or articular give.

Global muscle retraining is required to correct multisegmental or myofascial dysfunction in terms of controlling the site and direction of load that relates to provocation.

1. Learn the strategy to train low-load recruitment to control and limit motion at the site of pathology.
2. Actively move the adjacent restriction, regain through range control of motion with the global stability muscles and regain sufficient extensibility in the global mobility muscles to allow normal function.

The program Developed by Juan Castellano show clinical protocols applied to the recovery of strength, mobility and joint stability based at motor learning of the patient's , body positions and basic movements that are key to the resolution of the dysfunctions and pathologies.
Nowadays doctors recommend moderate physical activity for health

This corresponds to making up to 150 minutes / week of physical activity.

Muscular strength and endurance has been the traditional black spot from the perspective of health and yet it may be the most important point to work on in the prescription of physical exercise. Scientific studies have shown that high levels of muscle strength are associated with lower metabolic risk, decreased mortality, fewer episodes of cardiovascular disease, lower risk of developing functional limitations and non-fatal diseases.

There are no differences in carrying out activities of one kind or another if the criteria of duration, intensity and frequency of the activity are maintained. They should simply be adapted to the physical characteristics of the individual, attend to their interest in the activity, enjoyment provided, time available and access to necessary equipment and facilities.

Following these premises, exercise programs in general should be focused mainly on the meters most related to health:

Learn in this section how to dose the intensity, duration and frequency of exercise and how to add to this the level of daily physical activity so as not to fall short or go over the proper dose.

November 12th

10 am EST

Duration 1 Hour

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Juan Castellano

Dr. Juan Castellano is an authority and leader of opinion in the prescription of exercise for health. He provides education to numerous institutions as Universities and hospitals, wellness centers and other health associations worldwide.

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Benefits of joining this webinar

  • This webinar aims to be a useful tool for all those professionals who work in the field of physical activity and health.

    Juan Castellano has great skills in all the techniques and classical methods of physiotherapy and has developed his own methodology to handle mechanical dysfunctions specially from the lack of physical condition among other morphological causes.

  • Improve your vision on how to work with special populations.

    These special characteristics may be related to age, gender, disability, illness, etc. Subjects with "special characteristics" usually have a poor physical condition that limits their abilities. Learn how to do a prescription of physical exercise adapted to their characteristics and possibilities.

  • Learn to manage physical activity "as a therapeutic and preventive tool”.

    Learn to design a physical activity regimen in a systematic and individualized way, to obtain the greatest benefits with the lowest risks.

  • Learn to recognize dysfunctions of the mechanical stability from Segmental (joint) and Multi-segmental (muscular - fascial) causes.

    These dysfunctions are presented as combinations of normal movement restriction and associated compensations to maintain function. Learn to analyze the causes of dysfunction of stability in relation to symptomatic pathology.

  • Learn specific techniques of joint mobilization and connective tissue (fascias) to attenuate or eliminate restrictions.

    In 3 steps you will learn:

    1. How to gain myofascial extensibility (1)
    2. How to recover muscle global stability to control myofascial compensations.
    3. Re-train the stability of the local musculature to recruit it in the segmental control of the movement.

  • Carry out a progression of the elements of the physical exercise program.

    Increase the intensity, duration and frequency of the exercise every two weeks (each element gradually, not all at once). The symptoms and signs of progress must be assessed periodically.


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